Orion and the Sea

The Journey

The plan is not to have a plan. But the intention is to sail from our former homeport of Moss Landing, CA (in the Monterey Bay) down to Baja California Mexico and Sea of Cortez. We don’t know how long we’ll be there or where we’ll go next. Maybe we’ll spend the rest of 2015 in and around Baja and mainland Mexico and spend 2016 in Central America and northern South America, and then cross over to the south Pacific in early 2017…. But again, no plan as of yet.

The red line shows our journey so far from December 2014 through April 2016 (over 3000 nm)


Cruising Route-CA to Manzanillo_resized

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4 thoughts on “The Journey

  1. Gary Henry

    I’m looking forward to your posts thanks. This past wk end 4/10 I went the Sail Expo and a lecture by Lynn Pardee about the “Unstopable Sailboat”. She said that when Larry and her would do deliveries and then cruise they would decide on what was abolutely necessary for the boat and themselves; Food, water, sails, charts and that was about it. Point being they didn’t want to make their trips or cruises a series of repairs at remote, beautifull places where it is hard and expensive to do repairs. She stated many examples of people trying to fix their engines, refrigerators etc at these remote sites. So her bottom line was you really don’t need an engine, refrigeration, even a water maker etc at all times – you can put a O/S sticker on it and fix it when you reach ports with resources both man and materials and enjoy your stay at those remote and beautifull places – everything does not have to work in order to use your boad and have an enjoyable time.

    1. Megan Post author

      Hey Gary. Great to hear from you. That’s great you got to hear Lin and Larry Pardey speak. They are a truly inspiring couple. They are also some of the biggest proponents of boats without any extras, particularly engines and electronics. It’s definitely one of the ends of the spectrum of what folks choose to have on board. There are times when I wish we went that route, particularly when we were stuck in San Diego with a broken motor and when we were in the long process and building our refrigeration system from scratch. However most of the time I am very grateful for our (now) dependable work horse of a motor and for cold beers in the 90+ degree heat in La Paz. Fortunately Jonah is quite the mechanic and if I was sailing solo I would likely simplify. Though I would want to have a much smaller boat to be motor-less. As is, we are happy to be able to bring friends and family along on our journeys. You make a great point though that not everything has to work all the time… which is the case on our boat. We tend to make sure we can go and that we float and then anything extra gets added to a list. We pick a smaller boat project in each place that we visit and after snorkeling or exploring or when the wind comes up in the afternoon we’ll work on it. Hope all is well with you and you are enjoying yourself.

  2. Beth Perkins

    This is fantastic! I am thrilled about your journey and I am so happy that you are posting your diary for all to read. Safe travels!

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