Orion and the Sea

Mexican Jumping Dolphins

We have seen a lot of dolphins on this trip, and we hope to for the rest of our days. We love them. Their spirit. Their squeaks. The fact that many are known to¬†engage in foreplay. But this one day, when we were a day out from Cabo, we were surrounded and entertained by the most playful display of dolphin shenanigans we’ve ever seen. They were racing and splashing and most importantly leaping out of the water so high that the sound of their belly flops could be heard from the horizon. We were surrounded by mexican jumping dolphins… a biological marvel…. previously unknown to science. Here are a few crappy photos since we don’t have a telephoto lens.

Note: They are actually short-beaked common dolphins

IMG_7322 IMG_7320 IMG_7317 IMG_7313 IMG_7305 IMG_4741 IMG_4734 IMG_4725

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