Orion and the Sea

Mars Has a Beach

Ok so we didn’t really go to mars but we did go Puerto Los Gatos, which is a cove surrounded by the most amazing red rocks. Ancient sand dunes have been swept by wind and rain into soft, rounded, hills, interrupted by sharply eroded projections. The vibrant red contrasts with the turquoise that we’ve grown accustomed to and it abruptly ends as quickly as it begins. Red surrounds just two small coves large enough for a few boats to anchor in and then fades back to the brown striated cliffs that dominate the area. The place is just beautiful, and silently strolling along the strange mounds filled me with a sense of calm and timelessness. Plus it’s always good to stretch the legs a bit.

IMG_3640edited IMG_3639edited IMG_3632edited IMG_3624edited IMG_3621editedIMG_3647editedIMG_3649edited

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