Orion and the Sea

About us

We are Megan and Jonah, partners in life, love, and adventure. This was our dream, but now it’s our reality. We quit our jobs, sold everything, entrusted our sweet nineteen year old kitty with a kind and loving friend, said farewell to family, friends, and our awesome Santa Cruz community, and cast off our lines to sail around the world. No, not circumnavigating… more like moseying from here to somewhere.


There are a myriad of motivations spurring this change in lifestyle, but two really stand out. One is a deep love and overwhelming passion for the ocean – for experiencing her powerful rhythms and emotions, swimming amid her colorful and varied inhabitants, and forever marveling at the processes that affect every inch of this planet. The second is a passion for connecting with the people and communities of the world. We love immersing ourselves into various cultures and ways of living because the more diversity we experience, the less we are set in our ways. The more stories that are shared, the more accepting and therefore contented we become. The more connected we feel, the closer we are to living in one global community.

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